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“Small steps can lead to big changes for good.”



For more than 30 years, Laurie Rein has helped clients improve their lives through education, motivation, and support.



For more than 30 years, Laurie Rein has encouraged a balance of physical activity, proper nutrition, and behavioral health for optimal wellness.



For more than 30 years, Laurie Rein has created positive, lasting lifestyle changes for her clients.

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Do you want to feel better, but aren't sure where to start or whether you can succeed? This book will help you with a realistic, practical, gentle, and very effective way to begin. Starting with the smallest steps you are ready to actually do, and building on this success every day, you will achieve your wellness goals. So whether you need to get moving, change your diet, change the way you treat your body - or just as importantly change your attitude about how you feel - this book will guide you through your journey.

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Laurie is a true visionary in the field of women’s health and fitness. Her ‘begin where you are’ philosophy makes her skills accessible to women of all ages. It’s all about that first step ... and then the second ... and the third. This book is the next best thing to working with Laurie in person!
— Margie Williams, MC, LISAC, LPC

“How do you want to feel next year?  In three years?  Or five or ten years?  What is your goal for yourself?  As you think about this big picture of wellness, it will help you realize we are in this for the long haul.  Even if we have relapsed into old behaviors, every day is a new day, and we can make a new choice. It just takes one step at a time and you can get healthier at any age, and be the best you possible!”

From Laurie Rein’s upcoming book, GETTING TO the BEST YOU: Small steps toward lasting changes that empower women to restore health, vitality and happiness.