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My Approach to Wellness

I have been a health and fitness coach for over thirty years. I like to say, “I meet women where they are, ­wanting to change, but not knowing the best steps to get started.” It all starts with taking one small step in the right direction. I don't believe that fad diets, gimmicks and quick fixes can help someone really turn their life around. I am a practical and direct person and being realistic about what a client can do­, will actually do - is the secret to my success. I start with one small change a woman is willing to make, and we build from there. We look at moving your body every day, making better food choices, and changing your attitude about how you want to live. Taking control of your health is the most empowering journey a woman will ever take. 

I have referred many female patients to Laurie over the years because she knows how to create a wellness plan they will actually follow. Her practical methods are literally life-enhancing.
— Dr. Steven Vig, Internal Medicine

Laurie’s Journey

Laurie Rein has been a fitness and health enthusiast for most of her life. She started ballet at age eight and continued dancing through college at the University of Arizona. At the UA Laurie earned her BFA in Dance and Theater, and continued her dance career in Santa Barbara, California.

Laurie's dad, a physical therapist with a long history of working with polio patients and performing charity work, encouraged the family to eat healthy, exercise, and help others. He bought the family a juicer in 1973 and introduced her to the world of fitness and weight lifting at the age of fifteen. After college, Laurie taught ballet and modern dance for children and adults while performing in ballet companies.

Laurie was later hired as a fitness specialist at Canyon Ranch Health and Wellness Resort in Tucson, Arizona, and taught ballet, aerobics, stretching, weight training, and pool aerobics. She was promoted to Director of The Life Enhancement Center where she designed individual fitness programs and worked with a team of physicians, psychologists, and dietitians to help clients implement lifestyle changes.

Laurie has maintained a personal training/health coach business for over 30 years. Because of her dance background, Pilates was a natural fit and she became a Certified Pilates Trainer in 2007. She went on to receive her Health Coach Certification as well as being a Certified Nutrition Specialist both from ACE (American Council on Exercise). She believes wellness is a way of life, not just following popular programs.

In her spare time, Laurie enjoys theater and performing, weight training, long walks in Sabino Canyon in Tucson, Arizona, and rescuing animals. She is most proud of her son Matthew and his vision to make the world a better place.

Interested in taking the first steps to a healthier life? Laurie will guide you along the way in making those changes.