Know Your Triggers!

We all have triggers--events or sensations that cause us to feel certain emotions that make us want to return to bad habits or old comforts.

Take a moment to ask yourself , “What are my triggers?” Knowing what they are will help you avoid or prepare for them, so you can continue to keep your commitments to yourself.

Here are some triggers clients have observed for themselves that might cause them to fall off the wellness horse:

  • “Office parties. You’ll see me hovering like a helicopter over the array of sweets.”

  • “Cookies baking! Smells. I’m helpless.”

  • “I eat when I am bored.”

  • “I eat when I am lonely.”

Obviously, if you can avoid being triggered, that makes this easier. But we can’t always avoid these situations, and our goal is to get you to the point where you manage your response when you face your top triggers.

Any choice we make affects our well-being. This is not something we achieve overnight, but over time we want to start noticing how our choices affect us. This is how we get to the Best You!

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